Entrance hallway to The Wedge test kitchen. One side has the Wedge logo. The other wall has logos of manufacturers.

Exploring The Wedge Test Kitchen

For foodservice professionals, the ability to try out commercial kitchen equipment hands-on is crucial for making informed decisions. At Pro...
Pro Reps West
May 30, 2024
close up of food being ladled onto a school lunch

Navigating Potential Changes in School Nutrition Standards

The USDA has recently updated the nutrition requirements for school meals, aligning them with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-202...
Pro Reps West
May 7, 2024
Two glasses of mimosas toasting with plates to the side and a cup of coffee at top of image
2 min

The Evolution of Brunch

Brunch, that delightful combo of breakfast and lunch, has evolved over the years. What began as a humble mealtime concept has now become a s...
Pro Reps West
Apr 9, 2024
close up of school lunch lady handing tray to student

10 Solutions for Improving School Nutrition Foodservice

School nutrition directors are tasked with the crucial responsibility of ensuring that students receive nutritious meals that support their ...
Pro Reps West
Apr 2, 2024
Close-up of bottom of Vitamix blender with logo. In front, white plate with cheesecake and sauce over it and berries behind.

Pro Reps West is Vitamix's West Coast Service Solution

In the bustling world of culinary innovation and foodservice excellence, Vitamix has long been synonymous with quality, performance, and dur...
Pro Reps West
Mar 7, 2024
people in a sports bar eating, drinking, and watching the game
2 min

5 Solutions for Enhancing Your Bar's Foodservice Program

As bars strive to meet evolving consumer expectations, optimizing foodservice programs has become increasingly important. Whether it's offer...
Pro Reps West
Feb 29, 2024
White bowl with quinoa, diced zucchini and tomatoes
2 min

Menu Innovation for the Health Conscious Customer

Healthy eating is becoming more than a trendy fad in the modern era. In fact, according to a recent survey, 70 percent of consumers want to ...
Pro Reps West
Feb 6, 2024
Stone plate with food remanants and fork. Salvajor logo in upper left hand corner.

Introducing Salvajor Food Waste Solutions

In a commercial kitchen, managers must ensure that staff focuses on a wide variety of tasks. And while commercial kitchen equipment often le...
Pro Reps West
Jan 23, 2024
Two large resaurant-size fry pans are being held over two gas stove burners. Each fry pan has a long silver handle being held by a chef's hand. There is a large orange flame coming from underneath one pan. Each pan is full of food being tosses in the air.

California's Gas Ban: Essential Prep for Commercial Kitchens

California officials overturned a new energy code set to ban the sale of gas appliances in the state within ten years. The law aimed to redu...
Pro Reps West
Dec 19, 2023