Small steak on top of mashed potatoes on white plate. Steak has thin slices of carrots and gravy on top.

Introducing Shelving and Hot Holding Solutions from Metro

Storage space is always prime real estate in a kitchen. Operators have to find space to hold a variety of items, from paper goods to hot foo...
Pro Reps West
Nov 1, 2023
Close up of cola with ice floating in it

Mastering Food Safety in Refrigeration and Ice Machines

Food safety is a fundamental concern within the foodservice industry, and the role of commercial refrigeration is pivotal in ensuring a safe...
Pro Reps West
Oct 18, 2023
close up of the word restaurant on a window with reflection of building
3 min

Foodservice Equipment Solutions for Your Chain Restaurant

For chain restaurants, consistency, efficiency, and quality are the cornerstones of success. While menus and branding might vary, one thing ...
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Sep 12, 2023

4 Things You Will Find at The Wedge Test Kitchen

The Wedge is an iconic surfing spot in Newport Beach where, under the right conditions, the waves can reach 30 feet high. The Wedge is also ...
Pro Reps West
Aug 4, 2023

Culinary Q&A: Meet Chef Juno Ignacio

When you operate a commercial demo kitchen, a place we refer to as The Wedge, it's important to have the culinary talent to help make the mo...
Pro Reps West
Jun 21, 2023

Culinary Q&A: Meet Chef Mike Corlett

We're only as good as our people, and that's why the team at Pro Reps West has assembled culinary talent that can help any type of commercia...
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Jun 21, 2023
tradeshow  floor that is busy
3 min

How Attending a Tradeshow Adds Value to the Customer Experience

The average customer or dealer may not initially see the value in their local foodservice manufacturer's rep attending a tradeshow out of to...
Pro Reps West
May 5, 2023
Four elementary school-aged children gathered around a picnic table outside. On the table is a wicker basket with three heads of lettuce inside. On the table to the basket's right are three cauliflower heads, four more heads of lettuce, a few stalks of freshly picked celery, and seven unpeeled white potatoes.
3 min

Reduce School Food Waste with NEWAGE Solutions

There are various state and national initiatives in place to decrease the amount of food thrown out in K-12 schools across America. On avera...
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May 1, 2023
line up of combi ovens in black and white
2 min

A Combi Oven Can Save Your School Time and Money

What do you know about ovens in elementary, middle, and high school kitchens? Answers to this question may differ quite a bit depending on w...
Pro Reps West
Apr 24, 2023