Introducing Salvajor Food Waste Solutions

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Jan 23, 2024

In a commercial kitchen, managers must ensure that staff focuses on a wide variety of tasks. And while commercial kitchen equipment often leans towards refrigeration, ovens, and prep areas, what about the need to take care of food waste? 

With so much waste happening in kitchens, having a plan to collect and dispose of it should be top of mind in foodservice businesses. And with Salvajor Food Waste Solutions, it's easier than ever. 

Introducing Salvajor

In business since 1944, Salvajor has provided commercial kitchens with high-tech solutions to help mitigate food wasteSalvajor logo problems (e.g., pests, odors, and clogged drains). 

Over the decades, Salvajor has developed and refined its equipment, making it one of the top brands within the food waste space. Each machine is engineered to save water and electricity without sacrificing power and performance. Also, Salvajor's equipment is low-maintenance, allowing staff to use it without continuously worrying about breakdowns and repairs.

A member of organizations such as the School Nutrition Association and the National Restaurant Association, Salvajor is familiar with issues such as school foodservice challenges and is committed to providing customers with the latest innovations and quality customer service. 

Commercial Food Waste Disposers and Collectors

So, what's the difference between food waste disposers and food waste collectors? Both machines work similarly, although the disposer grinds and eliminates the waste, while a collector holds it in a basket for disposal.

Both work by pumping blended (hot and cold) water into the system. Once the tank reservoir fills up, water is pumped out, and dishes are sprayed to remove food scraps and pre-rinse them for washing. Which also helps save money while cleaning dishes. 


This is where the process diverts. A disposer system carries food scraps into the grinder, where they're processed and drained. With a collector system, non-soluble food waste is collected in a basket over the reservoir tank. Once all the waste is collected, workers can dispose of it accordingly and wash the basket for reuse.

How Can Salvajor Help?

Commercial foodservice operations can benefit from Salvajor equipment in a few different ways. First, they can reduce the water and resources they need to wash dishes since the collector and disposer system automatically pre-rinse everything. This setup can also reduce the need for rewashing dishes thanks to stuck-on food and other particles.

Second, a disposer can save time and labor costs in a large commercial kitchen. Instead of manually collecting and tossing food waste, the machine can dispose of it quickly and efficiently with minimal cleanup afterward. When every second counts during a busy rush or service period, a disposer can help operators smooth their operations. 

Finally, if a kitchen is trying to track food waste, investing in a collector system can help visualize the amount of raw waste generated during a shift and adjust practices accordingly. Because food waste can hurt a business's bottom line, it's imperative to be as accurate as possible.

For 80 years, Salvajor has been the go-to brand for food waste solutions for every type of foodservice operation. And now Pro Reps West is able to offer Salvajor products to customers in Southern California and Southern Nevada. 

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