10 Solutions for Improving School Nutrition Foodservice

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Apr 2, 2024

10 Solutions for Improving School Nutrition Foodservice

School nutrition directors are tasked with the crucial responsibility of ensuring that students receive nutritious meals that support their growth and development, especially because nutrition is crucial for fueling success in the classroom. This is not an easy job, though, and they often face challenges ranging from budgetary constraints to labor challenges.

Ultimately, foodservice equipment and supplies should be part of the overall solution to these challenges, not contribute to them. That's why the team at Pro Reps West dedicates many of our resources to helping today's school nutrition directors become more efficient and effective at encouraging student participation. We've also partnered with a collection of brands that feel the same way.

10 Brands for Improving School Foodservice:

1. Amana

amana-300x200-prwAmana offers a range of commercial microwave ovens designed explicitly for high-volume foodservice operations like school cafeterias. These microwaves are durable, efficient, and easy to use, allowing for quick and consistent heating of pre-prepared meals and snacks. By incorporating Amana microwaves into their kitchens, school nutrition directors can ensure that students can access warm and tasty meals whether it's pre-class breakfast or during a lunch period.

2. Champion

champion logoChampion provides dishwashing solutions tailored to the needs of busy school cafeterias. Their commercial dishwashers are built to handle large volumes of wares efficiently, saving time and labor for kitchen staff. With Champion dishwashers, school nutrition directors can maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in their facilities, ensuring the safety of the food served to students. They can also provide savings in terms of utility consumption, as well.

3. Cleveland

cleveland-300x200-sliderCleveland offers a wide range of cooking equipment ideal for school foodservice operations. From steamers to braising pans, their products are designed to cook food quickly and evenly while retaining nutrients and flavors. By incorporating Cleveland steam cooking equipment into their kitchens, school nutrition directors can offer a diverse menu of healthy and delicious meals that appeal to students' tastes, without using all the cooking methods that are unfavorable for healthier diets.

4. Convotherm

convotherm-300x200-1Convotherm specializes in combi steamers that combine the benefits of steam cooking with the versatility of convection heating. These combi steamers are perfect for schools looking to expand their menu options while maintaining efficiency and consistency. With Convotherm combi steamers, school nutrition directors can easily prepare a variety of dishes, from steamed vegetables to baked goods, with minimal hassle.

5. Delfield

Delfield_285CDelfield manufactures a range of refrigeration, food holding, and serving equipment designed to keep ingredients fresh and ready for use in school kitchens. Their refrigerators and serving systems are built to withstand the demands of a busy foodservice environment while maintaining optimal temperatures. By investing in Delfield equipment, school nutrition directors can ensure that their ingredients remain safe and fresh, contributing to the overall quality of the meals they serve, which will ultimately increase student participation.

6. Edlund

edlund-300x200-sliderEdlund offers a variety of kitchen tools and equipment designed to streamline food preparation and portioning tasks. From can openers to portion scales, their products help kitchen staff work more efficiently, saving time and reducing waste. By incorporating Edlund tools into their workflow, school nutrition directors can succeed at tasks like improving the accuracy and consistency of portion sizes, optimizing labor and staffing, and ultimately ensuring that students receive balanced and nutritious meals.

7. Lincoln

lincoln-300x200-logoLincoln specializes in conveyor ovens that are perfect for cooking pizzas, sandwiches, and other popular school menu items. These ovens are designed for high-volume production, allowing schools to serve large numbers of students quickly and efficiently. With Lincoln conveyor ovens, school nutrition directors can offer a wider variety of hot and freshly prepared foods, enhancing the overall dining experience for students. These are ideal units for creating menu options that will increase the all-important student participation levels.

8. Metro

metro logoThe shelving and storage experts, Metro offers a range of food holding, storage, and even transport solutions designed to maintain organization, safety, and food quality. Their heated cabinets, insulated carriers, and shelving systems help school nutrition directors ensure that meals are served at the right temperature and in optimal condition, and that meal preparation is made easier by contributing to organizational efficiencies. By investing in Metro food transport equipment, schools can minimize food waste and maximize efficiency in their foodservice operations.

9. Newage

new-age-industrial-300x200-prwNewage Industrial specializes in racks, carts, shelving, dollies, enclosed transport cabinets and more, all designed to optimize space and organization in school cafeterias. Their products help school nutrition directors maximize the use of available storage space, reducing clutter and making it easier to keep ingredients and supplies organized. With Newage storage solutions, schools can streamline their operations and maintain a clean and efficient kitchen environment.

10. Scotsman

Scotsman-300x200-1The school nutrition ice experts, Scotsman offers a range of commercial ice machines that are perfect for schools looking to for reliable ice solutions for both beverages, storage, and even frozen treats like smoothies. Their ice machines are designed to produce large quantities of ice quickly and efficiently, ensuring that schools never run out of ice during busy lunch periods. By incorporating Scotsman ice machines into their facilities, school nutrition directors can enhance the overall dining experience for students and staff alike.

Pro Reps West is proud to partner with great school nutrition partners across California and Nevada. We offer curated equipment demonstration in our Wedge demo kitchen, designed to address the unique challenges of the individual directors. Look for more information on our events page, and be sure to schedule a demo at your convenience.

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