4 Things You Will Find at The Wedge Test Kitchen

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Aug 4, 2023

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The Wedge is an iconic surfing spot in Newport Beach where, under the right conditions, the waves can reach 30 feet high. The Wedge is also the name of our dynamic test kitchen here at Pro Reps West. We decided to name our innovative test kitchen in honor of this unique place where natural conditions combined with an artificial jetty demonstrate the power of synergy, as it is our goal to bring powerful forces together in our kitchen.

If your goal is excellence in foodservice, we invite you to stop by The Wedge to see how it can contribute to your success. Why? How? Here are four key things you will find at The Wedge test kitchen that might help convince you to stop by.

1) Great brands

When evaluating brands, we look for industry experience, design excellence, continuous improvement, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. We believe high-quality manufacturers such as Lincoln represent the best in foodservice quality, values, and products, and we are proud to work with each company in our portfolio. In addition to Lincoln, let's walk through some of our other brands available for demonstration at The Wedge.

Pro Reps West recommends Convotherm combi ovens for their consistent performance and innovative features. These ovens provide a superior flavor to food and, via a patented closed system, keep the energy produced by the cooking process inside the unit.

If you need a high-speed oven, you can come see Merrychef. These ovens cook up to 80 percent faster than conventional methods while conserving energy and improving food safety. When you choose Convotherm or Merrychef for your kitchen, you can be assured of excellence, durability, and sustainability.

Running a successful commercial kitchen requires investing in many other high-quality tools and systems, as well. A Cleveland kettle or steamer ensures consistent heat transfer and accurate temperature control in high-volume kitchens. In refrigeration, Delfield is renowned for safety, durability, and efficiency and offers a range of products suitable for school cafeterias and other large organizations.

When it comes to fried foods, every chef wants to serve tasty and healthy meals. Fry Master offers products with built-in oil filtration systems and automatic sensors that let you serve flavorful food that is more health-conscious. The Garland range of fryers, griddles, grills, ovens, and induction also improves food outcomes via Green Heat Induction (which decreases energy costs by 50 percent or more relative to gas oven tops).

2) Great food

When you have a great test kitchen and great people that can walk you through it (more on the people in a second), the ultimate goal is to have great food. Whether you're stopping by The Wedge for a personalized demo, or you're attending one of our events, one thing you can always expect is great food and beverage. After all, we're in the foodservice industry for a reason, right? The Wedge test kitchen food meets the highest taste, productivity, and efficiency standards.

3) Great people

Of course, great food is easier when you have great people, and we have a fantastic team with decades of combined experience in the foodservice industry. Because we are an employee-owned company, everyone we hire is invested in success. And most important, our talented chefs are the heart of The Wedge test kitchen. We are fortunate to work with Chef Mike Corlett and Chef Juno Ignacio. They ensure that the food tastes great and the education is beneficial to everyone in The Wedge.

4) Great ideas

Our team is never satisfied with the status quo and believes in providing personalized service to our clients. From decision-making to innovation to developing a long-term vision, we offer comprehensive solutions to maximize your success.

Efficient decision-making: We can quickly assess your needs, evaluate options, and assist you in choosing the most effective course of action. We understand the unique challenges of the foodservice industry and ensure our recommendations reflect your mission, goals, and input.

Innovative thinking: We pay close attention to industry trends and new technologies so that we can always provide you with timely and actionable advice. We leverage years of experience and data to understand markets, clients, and emerging technologies.

Long-term vision: Foodservice is a fast-moving industry in which customer preferences change rapidly. We can help you craft a long-term vision and ensure your efforts align seamlessly with your company's goals and values. We have a track record of successful projects and a reputation for quality and success. Our team stands ready to assist you in developing a personalized strategy for your foodservice business that will meet your needs now and in the future.

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