Introducing Shelving and Hot Holding Solutions from Metro

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Nov 1, 2023

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Storage space is always prime real estate in a kitchen. Operators have to find space to hold a variety of items, from paper goods to hot food. While shelves are handy for dry or cold storage, hot holding cabinets can help maintain safe food temperatures for prepping dishes in advance or delivery orders. Metro has both options to make it easier than ever to minimize storage-related headaches.

Plastic Shelving

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When it comes to storage for restaurants, the options are metal or plastic. Metal may seem like the best choice because it's durable, but the reality is that with temperature fluctuations and high humidity levels, metal shelving in a commercial kitchen can rust, warp, and buckle over time. Using plastic shelving from Metro alleviates these issues.

First, commercial shelving units offered by Metro are made from high-quality plastic, which can hold up to 800 pounds without bending or bowing in the center. Second, the plastic is treated, so heat, humidity, and cold don't affect it. This allows operators to install shelving wherever they like, including walk-ins and dry storage areas.

Another advantage of plastic shelving is that it can be ventilated, allowing air to flow through to minimize issues like mold or bacteria growth. Workers can even hose down the shelves to stay on top of spills and other messes.

Finally, Metro allows operators to customize and design their shelves to meet their unique needs. Metro's Shelf Builder Tool provides a 3D-rendered image of shelving in real time based on their input. Operators can also choose shelves with casters, making the units mobile for added convenience, and compare different units to see which would work best for their needs.

Hot Holding Cabinets - Cabinet Buyer's Guide

Holding hot food is often challenging for restaurants, especially those with tight kitchens and prep station areas. And with the demand for takeout and delivery steadily increasing in recent years, the need for hot holding cabinets has never been higher. 

Using a Metro hot holding cabinet can help staff keep food out of the danger zone while waiting to be served or picked up. With the push of a button, temperatures can be controlled as needed. Designed to provide uniform heat distribution and energy efficiency, it doesn't matter if food is at the top or bottom of a Metro holding cabinet - the temperature throughout remains the same. Available in multiple sizes and shapes, they can easily fit within any sized kitchen. 

There's also no need to be concerned about the consistency of the food as it holds. Metro hot holding cabinet sensor and control features help maintain consistent humidity levels to help keep food from getting wet or drying out. 

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